Navy Blue and Gold...Not Just for Sea Captains.

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Back to market trends:  Complementing the gold trend we are seeing in all the new furniture catalogs is a resurgence of dark blue in the color palate.  But the gold and blue doesn’t necessarily have to be nautical themed (although it can be if that is your style.)  We have seen some great ways to mix a blue palate into your home.  Move over grey, beige, black or white....dark blue can virtually be used as a neutral and mixes really well with just about any color, so go ahead give it a try and use it as a neutral to create some great contrast with bright colors or let it be it's 'true blue' self and stand out against the neutrals.  This versatility is one of the reasons it looks so great with metallics like gold.

Incorporating blue and gold in your home is elegant and will create that warm, unique, and inviting feeling we all strive for with our homes.  And to all the silver lovers out there, the blue will look fabulously sharp and create a clean look that will sure to be a hit!  A truly versatile color that should be played with as you change up your home decor.

So is it just dark blue you may be thinking??? No the trend is really all blues and varity of tones as well as to mix those blues together for a subtle tonal contrast.  So if you are all about the blue have fun... this is your year to be the trend setter!

Construction Update

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There has been a flurry of work being done in the store and we are inches away from the construction being done! If you think your excited just imagine how we feel!!! Things always look so much worse before they get better....right???
As the construction ends, and orders are being placed and shipped out so that we can start stocking the floor it finally feels like there is an end in sight.  Anyone that has gone through the construction process knows exactly what I'm talking day you look around and can't image the construction will EVER be done, the BAM they start bringing in finish cabinetry and things feel like it could really happen. SO now for the star of the show, the furniture.   Some furniture is already here and being stored waiting its placement on the floor but so much more furniture is coming this week!  The next couple weeks are going to go whizzing by, with inventory, placing furniture and accessories in the showroom, and final touches to the showroom floor.  
Some of the most notable construction updates are our new sign and windows, the construction of the desk and the stained concrete floors which came out beautifully.  In case you haven't cruised down 5th Street in Sioux City recently, make it part of your route to see the progress. The next construction update will be the finished product but until then we are leaving some of the finishing touches our little secret!  And if you are eagerly waiting another market trend update....not to fear another one will be posted this week!   So stay tuned as MOD House is buzzing along and an end is insight!!!


Are You Ready For Some Market Trends???

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Although our time at Market was well spent and productive, it did not allow for blogging. But now that we are back and caught up (kind of), we are culling through our pictures and catalogs and noticing some distinct trends taking hold.

First trend report from market: Metallics - but specifically gold (yes the proper word is brass but that word just makes people shudder) so we will be calling it gold.  Now this is a trend that we've all seen surfacing (specifically in fashion) but it was great to see how the different lines were pulling it off without going overboard. People seem to have some pretty strong opinions of this surfacing trend but love it or hate it, gold it is coming back with a vengeance.  

For those who have been anxiously waiting this trend, pull those gold bowls out of the attic and proudly display them on your coffee table for your time is here and you will be the trendsetter of this movement.  For those haters, never fear...the trend leans towards a subdued antiqued gold that is very pretty and palatable.  It is definitely not the high-shine, brassy gold that you probably grew up with.  Just as I wasn't sure I was on board with gold jewelry when it started to work it's way back into can look through my pieces now and see just as much gold as silver in my jewelry box! And as it did with fashion this trend is growing on me as a beautiful accent to your homes interior.  Now don't fear if you just replaced those brass door knobs at your house you are still on the right track and that was still a good update to your house.  For interiors, this brushed brass (gold) is to mixed with other metals and used as an accent and not flooding your house!

Now this trend is definitely a bold move and not something everyone will get behind but there are great ways to incorporate it and be on trend without going crazy.  We saw some great occasional tables and accent pieces that could refresh any room, many accenting or toned down the gold with a nice high luster black, a beautiful white, or mixing metals. You can even add antique gold hardware on an existing dresser or cabinet and you have an new on trend look! This look may not be for everyone but when done correctly this can look very sharp!

Keep posted for more trends seen at market! 


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Meat locker to furniture boutique

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Construction is an exciting roller coaster that makes this idea of opening up a modern furniture store real.  Fortunately for me as an Architect I am very familiar with construction sites so I knew what we were getting into...good and bad.  Luckily, the excitement and positive vibes are taking over and we are all too familiar with dealing with old buildings. There are bound to have issues but none that can’t be overcome.

 As the showroom transitions it is loud, dusty and dirty, a little smelly (from the machine fumes) and did I mention loud?  But in a way, all the activity is infectious and every jackhammer bout, as remarkably loud as it may be, is a reminder of all the fun.  I don’t have to physically jackhammer the one would really want me to attempt that, so I just listen to the energy of the construction as I open up the newest catalog of a fabulous collection and start to imagine the pieces in the store or in a customer's house!

Everything is moving quickly. Within a couple days, the peculiar concrete floor that summarized the history of the building’s original use as a meat locker for the neighboring grocery store is erased.  The ramps to nowhere are reduced to a pile destined for the dumpster.  As you can see in the image this left us with a muddy mess.  As dirty and messy as this all is, I love the transition as an old building takes on a new identity and a new purpose.  Soon, the new floor will be flooded with beautiful pieces of furniture and it is exactly that image that keeps me positive.

It is a busy week ahead.  The construction team will be busy and move fast as they begin to put the walls up.  And everyone on the store team is just as busy getting orders in place. The end of the week culminates in our first trip to market in High Point, NC.  We are breaking out our comfortable shoes so we cover as much of the 10 million square feet as possible. Well, maybe not that much but we are going to cover all the modern furniture and home decor areas as possible to bring back some really awesome pieces to Sioux City. More to come next week from Market!!! 

In The Beginning...

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There can be many points that might be considered the beginning of this adventure.  The initial idea definitely counts as the very beginning but it is hard to pinpoint the exact moment in time.  It has been growing and taking shape for awhile.  The day I told my husband my crazy idea, the day the business license was filed making this all a little too real...these have all been the steps toward what will be the beginning of Mod House and the day the doors will open for business.

I wanted a furniture store in town where you could view the new up and coming trends but still see the classics.  I wanted a furniture store that I could recommend to all the people who ask me where to go for modern stuff in town.  A place that was fun to shop at, had different and unique things to look at, encouraged people to talk about their design ideas and their individual spaces, and was not crazy expensive so that it felt more like a museum than a store.  And since that is asking a lot from someone else, I thought, maybe I should do it...because I know this is something that Sioux City needs!

So, it came to the point that my ideal space was either going to be someone else’s dream or mine and that is when the realization hit that it was time to get started. Sioux City was ready for Mod House....I was ready for Mod House! It is an exciting time for this area and there would be no time that was better than now to start this new and exciting adventure.  So I took a deep breath and took the plunge because I've always believed if you don’t try, you will never know…so here we go.  I couldn't be more excited to be opening this modern furniture boutique, and I welcome you all along for the crazy ride! 


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