Simply Scandinavian

Do you have a style where you like to inculde natural elements, base your color scheme off of a white foundation, keep things simple and clean with maybe a touch of blue or a add a pattern of stripes here and there? If you answered yes to more than one of those you may just have a design style of Scandinavian. Here at Mod House Interiors we are jumping onto the Scandinavian design train that is taking the states by storm! Check out 5 ways we do "Simply Scandinavian" at Mod House!

 1.) Copper products that hold natural elements from Umbra Thompson Chair Sudbury Table in Natural Oak: $750.00 Thompson SE Dining Chairs: $299.00[/caption]

2.) Wooden Chairs and Tables from Gus* Modern that have a sleek modern design to pair perfectly with your white or grey walls in the background of your dining area

Rug and Table from above

Tria Rug: $52.50- $865.00[/caption] 3.) Pops of Blue and Triangular Motifs with this rug from Jaipur to add a subtle amount of color and texture to your "Simply Scandinavian" design

 4.) Simple Stripes are a common pattern used in Scandinavian design. The rug and pillows pictured above from Surya will keep your design right on trend.Looma

5.) Looma Wall Decor from Umbra adds texture to your walls, but keeps it simple

*All of the products pictured above can either be found at Mod House Interiors in Sioux City, Iowa or can be found on our website at Remember to check out the design quiz on our website and see what your design trend is!

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