Enjoying The Holiday

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As we enter crunch time for the upcoming holidays, we wanted to remind you (and us) to take some time to enjoy this lovely season.  Here are our top 5 ways to destress this season.

  • Sit and enjoy.  Sounds simple but with so much to do and so little time, it is sometimes the most difficult thing to actually do.  You spent so much time and effort getting that Christmas tree just perfect and not to mention the mantle, enjoy it.  Sit in your living room with a cup of coffee or tea and take it all in.

  • Drink lots of water.  The heat is running all day and you are constantly on the go checking things off your list.  These are enough to dry you out.  Staying hydrated will give you the energy you need to, happily, get everything done.

  • Make a holiday playlist.  Music is a great way to relax and nothing gets us in the holiday spirit more that listen to our favorite seasonal tunes.

  • Do something for others. Take some time out of your busy schedule and volunteer at or give to your favorite charity or donate a new toy to the toy drive.  This will put the holidays in perspective.  It truly is the season of giving.
  • Go for a walk.  Bundle up and pick a neighborhood that goes all out with Christmas decorations and meander through it.  Or if it is just too cold, take a leisurely drive.  Gawking in wonder and wondering where they store all that stuff will sure to bring a smile to your face!






Teacher Gifts That Will Send You to the Head of the Class

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Help they get the kids to actually use the tissues!  Give this one with boxes for tissue to be the teacher's pet!

Casa Tissue Holder - $5.00

This stylish desk organizer will get years of use.

Tower Desk Organizer - $34.00 

Skip the teacher mug and get them this cute set.

Oh Deer Mug and Spoon - $17.50

Show them you appreciate them with this great smelling candle.

Teacher Candle - $24.99


Last Minute Gift Ideas

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You have a bunch of things to do to get ready for Christmas so we will just get down to business.  Here they are!
These have been our hottest selling item this holiday season. They are beautiful, inexpensive and fit in with almost everyone's decor.
Umbra Prisma Frames - starting at $10.00
These candles smell as good as they look.  And as a bonus, the shell can be used after the candle is gone.
Hammered Filled Candles - $37.50
Decor items can be risky but this reindeer pillow will impress the pickiest of decorators.
Pillow - $84.99
Practical and attractive.  You are sure to see this one at their next dinner party.
Evora Cork and Ceramic 3 Piece Set - $54.99
This beautiful glassware will be reserved for special occasions.
Argea Glass in Silver or Gold - Starting at $8.99

Gifts for Teens

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Don't know what to give the teen on your list. They can be difficult but ultimately, they want stylish stuff too so check out our list of great teen gifts you can get at Mod House.

  • A hip frame to keep all their selfies

Umbra Orbita Photo Display - $25.00

  • An easy way to hold their device for hours of binge watching

UDock Tablet holder - $18.00

  • A fun place to set their phone when their sleeping (because that is the only time it is set down)

Chair Phone Holder - $12.50

  • A cool headphone stand for those new Beat headphones

Square Headphone Stand - $19.99

  • Keep them organized and looking good

Tower Deskbar - $34.00 

  • A fun way to hang all their stuff

Buddy Wall Hooks - $20.00



Let It Snow - Beautiful ways to incorporate snowflakes in your home.

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Don't fight the cold weather.  Embrace it in your home decor with beautiful snowflakes!  Just like our homes, no two snowflakes are alike and we have come up with some great ways to show your individuality.  Mix these unique home decor items to bring the beauty in without the freezing temperatures.


  • Simply beautiful.  This delicate snowflake is captured on an elegant snowy backdrop.

Narnia Pillow, 22" x 22" - $84.99


  • Glamorize your Christmas tree with these mirrored ornaments.  Their intricate beauty will be enjoyed year after year.

Glimmering Snowflake Ornaments, Set of 5 - $45.00


  • Let the shimmering snowflakes dance in the candlelight with these glam candleholders.

Printed Glass Candleholders - Starting at $18.75


  • Go completely industrial with these metal ornaments sure to give an edge to your decor.

Metal Cutout Snowflake Ornaments - $7.99 each


  • This shadow box with handmade paper might seem esoteric but the best part about it, you don't have to take it down with the holidays end.  It is just a cool piece of art with a snowflake vibe.

Radiant Paper Shadow Box - $75.00

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Top Holiday Pillows

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Adding a festive touch to your home can be as simple as changing your throw pillows.  Here are some of our favorites with some great tips on how to place them.


Use an odd number for a great modern look.  Group pillows in threes of five using one smaller, rectangular pillow as an accent.  Switching these out during the year can be a great way for a new look without any effort!

  • Dreamsicle Pillow - $84.99

Tie fun pattern into your holiday decor by choosing a pillow that already coordinates with your color scheme.  Have a green and red color holiday color palate?  We love this one with a modern houndstooth pattern incorporated in the background.

  • Prancer Pillow - $84.99

Want an eclectic look?  Keep the pillows simple with little trim or frills and you can pull of whimsical prints.  These bright and fun Christmas trees have a modern color scheme and great patterns without being overwhelming.

  • Thru the Woods Pillow - $84.99\

Or this houndstooth pillow that wouldn't read Christmas without the red and green colors.

  • Reindeer Games - $99.99

Be sure to add lots of textures for an eye catching design.  This elegant caned pillow has straps running on the top and a bright red wool for an delicate touch to your holiday decor.

2015 Holiday Gift Guide - Top 10 for Her & Him

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1. Giving jewelry this year?  Make the box just as stylish and functional with these great jewelry boxes.

Umbra Storage Boxes starting at 40.00


2. Love to entertain?  This dish is beautiful and dishwasher safe.

Aesthetic Content Low Pedestal Bowl - $75.00



3.  Add this year's most fashionable metallic, rose gold with this stackable wine rack.

8 Bottle Wine Rack - $49.99


4. For the entertainer who always looks forward to everyone gathered at her table, this piece is too beautiful to stash away in the cabinet

Plato Bread Board - $40.00


5. No one can ever own too many throws.  Here are two that will look great anywhere and keep you warm for those cold winter nights ahead.  

Mod House throws - Starting at $58.00


6. While she is snuggled up under a stylish throw, why not make a cup of tea in these cute mugs with spoon included.

Oh Deer Mug and Spoon set - $17.50

7.  Candles and votives are the safe gift for anyone.  Especially when they are as sophitocated as these.

Hammered Filled Candle - $37.50

Tree Silhouette Candle Holders - $9.50

8. If she is bold and modern, try impressing her with these statement vases.  

Lucca 29" Vase - $199.99


9. A stylish reminder to eat well in the new year.

Vortex Fruit Bowl - $44.99


10. A perfect accent to any shelf or mantle.

Cork Bubble Vase - $69.99


For Him

1. Keep his drink cold without watering it down.

Whisky Stones - Starting at $15.99


2. Giving him an upgrade on his headphones this year.  Present it with style with these modern headphone stands.

Headphone Stand - $19.99


3. The same goes for the new tablet he is about to get.  

Tablet Stands - Starting at $18.00

4. No one likes to drink alone.

Drinking Buddy Bottle Openers - $10.00

5.  This chess set may wobble, but it won't fall down!

Wobble Chess Set - $250.00

 6. A slice of the Big Apple.

Ceramic Empire State Building - $19.99



7. Let him show off is prized whisky collection on this mid century inspired bar cart.

Bar Cart - $460.00

8.  Chips and dip for the big game!  Yes please.  

Chipster - $55.00

 9. A whimsical and practical stocking stuffer!

Moose Wine Stopper - $15.00


10.  Update his man cave with this leather chair.

Lodge Chair - $1450.00