Introducing a NEW Mod House

Introducing a NEW Mod House


Renovations are in full swing and Mod House will be operating a little bit differently for the next month or two.  If you've stop by and the doors are locked don't worry we are still around (we are literally upstairs) so please call us and we would be happy to meet with you.  We continue to stay busy working on both residential and commercial projects...but I'm glad to hear how missed we would be from so many if we had truly closed!   During this time we are doing things by appointment only, so even though the storefront in closed during construction we are completely open and ready to help you create your perfect space!

 So what are we up to?   So far we've let people know this:

"Mod House Interiors is reinventing the retail space In Sioux City. The face of retail has changed and we have the opportunity to change with it. Our goal is to provide the most satisfying online and offline experiences for our customers.   We will be renovating our store to offer customized shopping appointments with our furniture consultants in addition to the boutique drop-in experience.

  Sounds good right? And vague…so let me break it down for you.

The retail world has changed A LOT in the last few years….just think about the last time you were in an actual store?  Ok a store that doesn’t sell food or toothpaste.  If you are busy (and who isn’t)  much of our shopping experience is spent in front of a screen now; late in the evening or mixed into small pockets of free time during the day. So you’ve gotten to the point where you know you NEED to update your space…heck you needed to do it two years ago but you just don’t have the time.  You explore your options by looking up items online and while fun and exciting at first it this quickly becomes overwhelming.  The options are endless.   Believe me…I’m not judging, I’ve been there.  I recently bought a swimsuits online for a trip which I would say is the perfect example of something you would want to see, touch, feel, and try-on before you bought but guess what…I ran out of time and just needed SOMETHING.  

 A new concept in retail:   The new retail experience must bridge the gap between infinite options and personal shopping to help consumers (you and I) narrow down those choices.  An added bonus is to be able to feel and touch the items.    Many people don’t know that our website only has a FRACTION of the products we offer and that is actually done by choice.   Why do you show only SOME of the items you may be asking?  Good question.  It is because we want you to see and experience WHAT makes Mod House different that other online stores?  WHAT makes us stand out?  As a consumer you have millions of options right at your fingertips but where do you start?  Is it the right size, what is that material, it is comfortable?  Why do these two items look the same but one is $100 more? We go to market, research the products, deal with shipping, and follow trends so you don't have to.  Mod will continue its bricks and mortar (storefront) location so you can stop in, touch, feel, sit on, and shop the store when time permits. However for those that don't have the time (or passion for it) Mod is able to visually put the items together for you so you can see the full picture of how they look in your home and you aren't left to fend for yourself in a swimsuit that doesn't quite work but was good enough last minute!  What makes us truly stand-out in the industry is US: the people behind the store.  We are real people that you can talk to and discuss materials, sizes, layouts, and style.  WE want to help and even though some you may not have met any of the staff here yet (we are super nice I promise) we are not a faceless company.  We are the people in your own community with families and busy lives just like you and we want to be the bridge between infinite possibilities and personalized shopping.  Let us be that bridge and bring those options to YOUWe are excited that our new space will better allow us to provide a hybrid between the online and offline shopping.





So what's next and how do you get started with Mod House Interiors? (even while we are in construction)

  1. Contact us via email at modhouseiowa at
  2. Set up an appointment for us to come to you!  How easy is that! We will follow up on next steps and just how easy it is to get your space updated!
  3.  Follow us on facebook @ModHouseFurnitureDesignGifts or instagram @modhouseinteriors to keep up to date on events and follow our construction.
  4. Want to be VIP?  Request to be part of the Mod House Design Lounge on facebook and get the behind the scenes look and special invites to live shopping, sales and events. 
  5. Host a pop up shop event  with 10 guests or more and we bring the store to you. This is a fun way to learn about trends, sizing, materials, and tricks of the trade!
  6. Shop or browse our store 24/7 at
  • Once the storefront re-opens you will be able to stop in once again and shop for great furniture, gifts, and decor. Or be one of the first to try this new type of shopping experience....more on that in an upcoming blog!
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This all sounds great-good luck with your new venture!

Kathy Verschoor

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