Last Minute Gift Ideas

Posted on December 15, 2015 by Donna Behrens | 0 Comments

You have a bunch of things to do to get ready for Christmas so we will just get down to business.  Here they are!
These have been our hottest selling item this holiday season. They are beautiful, inexpensive and fit in with almost everyone's decor.
Umbra Prisma Frames - starting at $10.00
These candles smell as good as they look.  And as a bonus, the shell can be used after the candle is gone.
Hammered Filled Candles - $37.50
Decor items can be risky but this reindeer pillow will impress the pickiest of decorators.
Pillow - $84.99
Practical and attractive.  You are sure to see this one at their next dinner party.
Evora Cork and Ceramic 3 Piece Set - $54.99
This beautiful glassware will be reserved for special occasions.
Argea Glass in Silver or Gold - Starting at $8.99



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