Gifts for Teens

Don't know what to give the teen on your list. They can be difficult but ultimately, they want stylish stuff too so check out our list of great teen gifts you can get at Mod House.

  • A hip frame to keep all their selfies

Umbra Orbita Photo Display - $25.00

  • An easy way to hold their device for hours of binge watching

UDock Tablet holder - $18.00

  • A fun place to set their phone when their sleeping (because that is the only time it is set down)

Chair Phone Holder - $12.50

  • A cool headphone stand for those new Beat headphones

Square Headphone Stand - $19.99

  • Keep them organized and looking good

Tower Deskbar - $34.00 

  • A fun way to hang all their stuff

Buddy Wall Hooks - $20.00



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