Let It Snow - Beautiful ways to incorporate snowflakes in your home.

Don't fight the cold weather.  Embrace it in your home decor with beautiful snowflakes!  Just like our homes, no two snowflakes are alike and we have come up with some great ways to show your individuality.  Mix these unique home decor items to bring the beauty in without the freezing temperatures.


  • Simply beautiful.  This delicate snowflake is captured on an elegant snowy backdrop.

Narnia Pillow, 22" x 22" - $84.99


  • Glamorize your Christmas tree with these mirrored ornaments.  Their intricate beauty will be enjoyed year after year.

Glimmering Snowflake Ornaments, Set of 5 - $45.00


  • Let the shimmering snowflakes dance in the candlelight with these glam candleholders.

Printed Glass Candleholders - Starting at $18.75


  • Go completely industrial with these metal ornaments sure to give an edge to your decor.

Metal Cutout Snowflake Ornaments - $7.99 each


  • This shadow box with handmade paper might seem esoteric but the best part about it, you don't have to take it down with the holidays end.  It is just a cool piece of art with a snowflake vibe.

Radiant Paper Shadow Box - $75.00

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