Hostess Gifts - Step Away From the Wine

Don't get us wrong, we love wine.  But this year we were looking for something unique to bring to our hostess with the mostest so we have list of unique hostess gifts that will make a lasting impression.
Slate Coasters $12.99
So no furniture is harmed in the reveling at this party.
Wine Bottle Holder - $19.99
See we told you we liked wine!
Reindeer Tea Towel - $14.99
These hand-dyed towels will be proudly displayed year after year.
Lake House Sign - $50.00
Because we all know where they really want to be.
Piedmont Slate Cheese Tray - $29.99
Bring an assortment of cheeses and leave the tray behind.
Bird Knife Cutting Board - $34.99
Because it is cute!
Alabaster Chip and Dip Set - $34.99
Remember the cheese idea?  Substitute the cheese with chips and dip!



You can find all of these great gifts and more fantastic ideas in our store at 255 5th Street in Downtown Sioux City.  Our hours are Tuesday - Saturday 10:00am - 6:00pm and Sunday 12:00pm - 4:00pm.

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