Construction Update

There has been a flurry of work being done in the store and we are inches away from the construction being done! If you think your excited just imagine how we feel!!! Things always look so much worse before they get better....right???
As the construction ends, and orders are being placed and shipped out so that we can start stocking the floor it finally feels like there is an end in sight.  Anyone that has gone through the construction process knows exactly what I'm talking day you look around and can't image the construction will EVER be done, the BAM they start bringing in finish cabinetry and things feel like it could really happen. SO now for the star of the show, the furniture.   Some furniture is already here and being stored waiting its placement on the floor but so much more furniture is coming this week!  The next couple weeks are going to go whizzing by, with inventory, placing furniture and accessories in the showroom, and final touches to the showroom floor.  
Some of the most notable construction updates are our new sign and windows, the construction of the desk and the stained concrete floors which came out beautifully.  In case you haven't cruised down 5th Street in Sioux City recently, make it part of your route to see the progress. The next construction update will be the finished product but until then we are leaving some of the finishing touches our little secret!  And if you are eagerly waiting another market trend update....not to fear another one will be posted this week!   So stay tuned as MOD House is buzzing along and an end is insight!!!


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