Navy Blue and Gold...Not Just for Sea Captains.


Back to market trends:  Complementing the gold trend we are seeing in all the new furniture catalogs is a resurgence of dark blue in the color palate.  But the gold and blue doesn’t necessarily have to be nautical themed (although it can be if that is your style.)  We have seen some great ways to mix a blue palate into your home.  Move over grey, beige, black or white....dark blue can virtually be used as a neutral and mixes really well with just about any color, so go ahead give it a try and use it as a neutral to create some great contrast with bright colors or let it be it's 'true blue' self and stand out against the neutrals.  This versatility is one of the reasons it looks so great with metallics like gold.

Incorporating blue and gold in your home is elegant and will create that warm, unique, and inviting feeling we all strive for with our homes.  And to all the silver lovers out there, the blue will look fabulously sharp and create a clean look that will sure to be a hit!  A truly versatile color that should be played with as you change up your home decor.

So is it just dark blue you may be thinking??? No the trend is really all blues and varity of tones as well as to mix those blues together for a subtle tonal contrast.  So if you are all about the blue have fun... this is your year to be the trend setter!

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