In The Beginning...

There can be many points that might be considered the beginning of this adventure.  The initial idea definitely counts as the very beginning but it is hard to pinpoint the exact moment in time.  It has been growing and taking shape for awhile.  The day I told my husband my crazy idea, the day the business license was filed making this all a little too real...these have all been the steps toward what will be the beginning of Mod House and the day the doors will open for business.

I wanted a furniture store in town where you could view the new up and coming trends but still see the classics.  I wanted a furniture store that I could recommend to all the people who ask me where to go for modern stuff in town.  A place that was fun to shop at, had different and unique things to look at, encouraged people to talk about their design ideas and their individual spaces, and was not crazy expensive so that it felt more like a museum than a store.  And since that is asking a lot from someone else, I thought, maybe I should do it...because I know this is something that Sioux City needs!

So, it came to the point that my ideal space was either going to be someone else’s dream or mine and that is when the realization hit that it was time to get started. Sioux City was ready for Mod House....I was ready for Mod House! It is an exciting time for this area and there would be no time that was better than now to start this new and exciting adventure.  So I took a deep breath and took the plunge because I've always believed if you don’t try, you will never know…so here we go.  I couldn't be more excited to be opening this modern furniture boutique, and I welcome you all along for the crazy ride! 


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