Corner Trash Can

A geometric swing-top can that naturally fits against the wall or snug in a corner, and with an inner retention ring that holds bags neatly.

DESIGN INSPIRATION: Inspired by the dead space in my kitchen. I saw an opportunity to design a waste can that could be put against the wall while being easily accessible. The can is short and stout, but flared at the top to have a larger opening with a flapper raised to stay above the fill line of the bag.

  • DIMENSIONS: 10 1/4 x 9 1/2 x 14"
  • MATERIAL: Molded Plastic
    • Geometric shape makes it fit perfectly in small corners or against walls
    • Inner retention ring secures spill bag and keeps it hidden
    • Easy to clean, simply wipe with damp water
    • Raised swing-top lid keeps opening unobstructed from contents
    • Capacity 2 3/4 gal (10 L)
    • Spill bags not included
    • Removable swing-top lid and inner retention rings

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