Simply Scandinavian

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Do you have a style where you like to inculde natural elements, base your color scheme off of a white foundation, keep things simple and clean with maybe a touch of blue or a add a pattern of stripes here and there? If you answered yes to more than one of those you may just have a design style of Scandinavian. Here at Mod House Interiors we are jumping onto the Scandinavian design train that is taking the states by storm! Check out 5 ways we do "Simply Scandinavian" at Mod House!

 1.) Copper products that hold natural elements from Umbra Thompson Chair Sudbury Table in Natural Oak: $750.00 Thompson SE Dining Chairs: $299.00[/caption]

2.) Wooden Chairs and Tables from Gus* Modern that have a sleek modern design to pair perfectly with your white or grey walls in the background of your dining area

Rug and Table from above

Tria Rug: $52.50- $865.00[/caption] 3.) Pops of Blue and Triangular Motifs with this rug from Jaipur to add a subtle amount of color and texture to your "Simply Scandinavian" design

 4.) Simple Stripes are a common pattern used in Scandinavian design. The rug and pillows pictured above from Surya will keep your design right on trend.Looma

5.) Looma Wall Decor from Umbra adds texture to your walls, but keeps it simple

*All of the products pictured above can either be found at Mod House Interiors in Sioux City, Iowa or can be found on our website at Remember to check out the design quiz on our website and see what your design trend is!

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3 Ways The Ottoman Is The Most Versatile Piece In Your Home

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The ottoman can be the most versatile piece in your home. It can be used as a foot stool, a side table or coffee table, extra seating during a get together or just about anything your heart desires! At Mod House one of our personal favorites and right on trend is the Hyacinth Stool which sells for only $109.00. 

Here are 3 ways we have decided to use this versatile and stylish piece!

Use these ottomans at the end of your bed for a natural and stylish effect. Style them with your favorite objects or take a quick seat and put on your favorite shoes!

Place it in front of your favorite chair (which I am sure you also found at Mod House) and use it as your foot rest to lean back, relax, and chat it up with your family and friends!

And last, but certainly not least use it as a side table while you are drinking your morning cup of coffee or afternoon tea! 

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Our New Design Quiz Is Here!

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Shopping for modern home furnishings is always a bit of an adventure. There are so many twists, turns, and exciting places the modern aesthetic can take you: Industrial Loft, Boho Chic, Lux Glam, and so many more. While in most cases, the journey is the worthier part, when it comes to your interior design style, the destination—a home that actually feels that way—truly is your end game. Getting there depends on how you find what appeals to you and, ultimately, finding what appeals to you.

Take our style assessment quiz to start your design on the right foot. And then make yourself at home.

Quiz: “Your Life's Style: Which Design Trend Are You?" 

You'll probably find that if you take this quiz more than once, you'll get a different result almost every time. Why? Because you love what you love! 

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Mod Gifts for all occasions for $25 or less

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We commonly hear from people 'I always forget Mod House has gifts'  which got us thinking...Did you know we had a great selection of gifts year round?  We are not only just a furniture and furnishings store but pride ourselves in unique gifts. Need help?  Tell us who your shopping for and get a personalized shopping experience and we will help you search for that perfect gift!    

Here is an example of unique gift ideas are all under $25 and are sure to be a hit!   

Please tell us...what brought you into the first time?  Have you gotten any fun Mod House gifts from your friends? 

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Fresh From Market

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Are You Ready For Some Market Trends???

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Although our time at Market was well spent and productive, it did not allow for blogging. But now that we are back and caught up (kind of), we are culling through our pictures and catalogs and noticing some distinct trends taking hold.

First trend report from market: Metallics - but specifically gold (yes the proper word is brass but that word just makes people shudder) so we will be calling it gold.  Now this is a trend that we've all seen surfacing (specifically in fashion) but it was great to see how the different lines were pulling it off without going overboard. People seem to have some pretty strong opinions of this surfacing trend but love it or hate it, gold it is coming back with a vengeance.  

For those who have been anxiously waiting this trend, pull those gold bowls out of the attic and proudly display them on your coffee table for your time is here and you will be the trendsetter of this movement.  For those haters, never fear...the trend leans towards a subdued antiqued gold that is very pretty and palatable.  It is definitely not the high-shine, brassy gold that you probably grew up with.  Just as I wasn't sure I was on board with gold jewelry when it started to work it's way back into can look through my pieces now and see just as much gold as silver in my jewelry box! And as it did with fashion this trend is growing on me as a beautiful accent to your homes interior.  Now don't fear if you just replaced those brass door knobs at your house you are still on the right track and that was still a good update to your house.  For interiors, this brushed brass (gold) is to mixed with other metals and used as an accent and not flooding your house!

Now this trend is definitely a bold move and not something everyone will get behind but there are great ways to incorporate it and be on trend without going crazy.  We saw some great occasional tables and accent pieces that could refresh any room, many accenting or toned down the gold with a nice high luster black, a beautiful white, or mixing metals. You can even add antique gold hardware on an existing dresser or cabinet and you have an new on trend look! This look may not be for everyone but when done correctly this can look very sharp!

Keep posted for more trends seen at market! 


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