Mod Gifts for all occasions for $25 or less

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We commonly hear from people 'I always forget Mod House has gifts'  which got us thinking...Did you know we had a great selection of gifts year round?  We are not only just a furniture and furnishings store but pride ourselves in unique gifts. Need help?  Tell us who your shopping for and get a personalized shopping experience and we will help you search for that perfect gift!    

Here is an example of unique gift ideas are all under $25 and are sure to be a hit!   

Please tell us...what brought you into the first time?  Have you gotten any fun Mod House gifts from your friends? 

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Hostess Gifts That Never Fail to Impress

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Show your grace and gratitude this holiday season with these wonderful host/hostess gifts.  They are so nice, it might be worth picking up one for yourself too!

  • Elegant marble edged in gold make snacking a formal affair.

White Marble Cheese Plate - $95.00

  • Whimsical bottle stoppers to keep that left over wine good until tomorrow.

Highland Bottle Stopper - $15.00

  • You can't have too many candles and these can be used long after the flame goes out.

Hammered Filled Candles - $37.00

  • Elegant ornaments that fit into any holiday decorating style.

Dew Drop Ornaments - $7.99 

  • Lovely and functional bowl that hopefully on your next visit you see a delicious dessert in!

Diana Pedestal Bowl - $89.99


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5 Reasons to Shop Local

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    1. Local Pride: When you shop at a local business, the money your spend goes back into your community making it an even better place to be.  The small business owner is more likely to support local non-profits and events in your community that make it a better place. Locally-owned businesses generate a premium in enhanced economic impact to the community. The small business owners lives in your community so there is a vested interest in making it better.
    2. Product Knowledge: Local businesses have less merchandise than big boxed stores so they have a better knowledge base about what they are selling.  The inventory has been carefully picked which means the owners have researched all the options and landed on the ones they carry because they reflect the quality they believe is the best for the price point. 
    3. Diverse Inventory: Small Businesses work hard to find special items you can't find chain stores.  If you are looking for a unique gift or something special, you are more likely to find it in a small specialty store that has handpicked the items they carry based on their quality and distinctiveness.
    4. Find what you want, not what someone else wants you to buy: Local businesses also have an ear to the ground with their customers, know what they want to buy, and carry those products. Small business owners are also willing to go the extra mile to find you what you are looking for.
    5. Community Uniqueness: Locally-owned businesses add to each community making that community distinctive.  Distinctive communities are fun to live in and memorable to visit.  These are some of the major factors that drive economic growth in a community.  People want to be in communities that offer them a good quality of life.  It is a great economic cycle.

    Shop Mod House Interiors on Small Business Saturday - November 28th 10:00am - 6:00pm for great deals on unique gifts and home furnishings.  THIS BIG SALE IS NOT TO BE MISSED.  GET THERE EARLY FOR THE BEST SELECTION.

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    Forget the Groundhog!

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    Porcelain Berry Baskets and Bottles = 20% off this weekend only (February 5th - February 8th)! 

    It might be cold outside but we are optimistic that warm weather is just around the corner.  That is why we are putting some pieces on sale that remind us of spring and summer. These handmade porcelain berry baskets, mason jars and bottles take us to the time of year when the days are long, our garden is overflowing with goodies, and entries are cluttered with sandals instead of boots.

    Cast from porcelain, they have transformed the everyday object into a thing of beauty and "blend the line between art, fine craft and product design."  These pieces that look good in any home from traditional to modern, which makes them a great gift....just don't forget one for yourself!  So come enjoy a little spring with us this weekend at Mod House Interiors!   


    Besides, in this time of modern technology, why are we listening to a groundhog?

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    5 Reasons To Love Gus Furniture

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    This month, Mod House is running a  sale which not only gets you 15% off most items in the store, it also help a great organization in our community, the Food Bank of Siouxland.  Bring in 3 non-perishable food items and receive 15% off storewide.* So come by, donate food to those who need it, and shop!


    This sale idea is the brain child Gus Modern, one of Mod House Interiors's favorite lines.  So we have put together a top 5 list of the reasons we love Gus Modern furniture!

    • Simple Forms and Honest Materials.  That is at the core of each Gus piece which means their designs are timeless yet modern so your home looks great now and in the future.  They have a great design but are practical and usable.
    • Sustainability. Gus is a company committed to making the world better and uses sustainable practices in their manufacturing. Their materials are FSC certified and harvested from sustainable sources.  
    •  Pre-Treated.  A fun night in with friends. Kids. Pets.  They are all great and your furniture will stand up to the fun too with Gus's inherently stain resistant fabric.
    • Great Warranty. 10 years!  
    • It Grows With You. With sectionals that switch from left-facing to right-facing and reconfigurable pieces that will fit any room, Gus furniture will fit your home, no matter where you go.


    *Some exclusions but not many, we promise.

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    Gift Ideas That Won't Be Returned

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    If you don't have someone who is difficult to buy for on your holiday list, that means you are mostly likely the difficult to buy for person for everyone else.  But that is okay either way, we are here to help.  


    Belle Bowl - $69.99                                                                   
    Struttura Salad Servers - $59.99                                              
    Ken Peterson Tray - starting at $95.00                                    
    Gifts with class!                                                                         
    Foodie Dice/Mixology Dice - $38.00 each                                                         
    Make dinner into a Food Network style competition.                                        
    Cardboard Trees, set of 2 - $29.99                                                                
    A tree made out of cardboard, how ironic.                                                      
    White Ceramic Bottles, Mason Jars & Fruit Baskets - $19.99 - $39.99          
    Simple, classic and beautiful.                                                                         
    Handcarved Plane Baby Spoon by Ken Peterson - $25.00                            
    No more picky eaters!                                                                                    
    Sock Stuffed Animals - $17.60                                                                        
    Bright colors, fun pattern and super huggable.                                              
    Clothes Tree - $71.99 - $89.99                                          
    Make picking up fun!                                                         
    Mustache Phone Holder - $16.99                                    
    For the few seconds they actually put down their phone.
    One of a kind artwork.
    On the left  is a featured artwork by Shannon Sargent starting at $65.00
    On the right is a featured artwork by Amy Thompson starting at $150.00 
    They look so nice they'll think you spent a fortune. No repeats, guaranteed. 

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    5 Secret Santa Ideas They Are Sure To Love

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    Tis the season of holiday office parties.  Conquer your secret Santa shopping with some of these great ideas that will show off your good taste and not break your budget.
    For the office style guru, pickup one of these silver vases that add a touch of class to their desk.  Only $9.99 each.
    Handmade Mid-Century Walnut Ornaments will please anyone on your list.  $16.95 each.
    Fill this great bowl with candies and hope that the giftee will put in on their desk for all to share.  Comes in multiple colors for $6.00.  
    Bring the candy and we will wrap it up for you!
    For the winner of the Movember contest in your office, they deserve this vintage style mustache sign.  Limited Supply $31.25
    We are a little mustache obsessed but this phone stand would look good on anyone's desk, it also makes an awesome business card holder for that fun professional.  Just $16.99.

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